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Change the educational system radically

By mei 7, 2014No Comments
In Roermond (NL) we are changing the educational system radically. In august 2014 we’ll start with 33 kids on Agora. Agora is not a school, but a square. A place for learning in the middle of the society. Look at the mission statement below.


Agora is a place to be for every child. Agora is a self-evident part of the society, the market place where everything happens. We prepare children to be successful in life and in their society. Curiosity, questioning, exploration and research abound in Agora. The whole world is our curriculum, an infinite subject of investigation. Children study that world in a personalized way with others. Building character, world- and local citizenship, first-rate knowledge and entrepreneurship are the results we focus on. Agora provides an unparalleled way of learning for children in a strong social environment.

Agora also has a broader goal. Agora redefines the standards of learning and the possibilities in schools in the Netherlands. Agora gives other schools access to new understandings and practices about education in a rapidly changing society.

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